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Russia: E-Cigs to Fall Under The Same Regulations as Cigarettes

Launched in 2013, Russia’s anti smoking legislative campaign began with the federal law “On Protecting the Health of the Citizens from the Effects of...

RELX to File PMTA in Attempt to Enter US Market by 2022

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What Can Vapers do to Safeguard the Environment?

Data keep indicating that over five trillion butts are generated by smokers each year worldwide. Sadly, many of these tend to pile up in...

UK-Based Riot Labs Earns PMTA Acceptance for E-liquids

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RELX Opens Bioscience Lab to Enhance E-Cigarette Research

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SMOK Mag P3 Mini Starter Kit … Good, But….

 SMOK Mag P3 Mini Kit – No matter how much we argue, people seem to love SMOK’s “gun trigger” aesthetic for the Mag...

Is CBD the Answer to Better Skin Care? Let’s Take a...

 Stroll down the skin care aisle of your local drugstore, and you are likely to see one ingredient on all manner of products...