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U.S. FDA Releases Draft Guidance for Perception Studies

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Liability Claims That Vaping Exacerbates COVID-19 Currently Do Not Hold Up In U.S. Courts

A variety of peer-reviewed studies argue the connection between the use and behavior of vaping products and devices and how such activities can exacerbate...

The U.S. FDA is Sued For Failing to Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Action on Smoking & Health, the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council and American Medical Association, joined forces in suing the FDA for failing...

Juul Labs Class Action Continues to Add Plaintiffs

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Risk Perceptions of Snus and Cigarettes in a Snus-Prevalent Society

The vast majority of studies conducted in the U.S. conclude that perceptions of the relative harmfulness of SLT versus cigarettes amongst the public, are...

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Ranking the Fastest Methods to Feel the Effects of CBD

There are several different types of CBD products that you can take. The product you use will likely depend on why you want to...

How to Choose the Right CBD for You

Where Is the Hemp Sourced? In general, the higher the quality soil and the better the growing methods used for the hemp, the...