CDC: Le vapotage augmente légèrement aux États-Unis. Travailleurs


Utilisation des données du 2017-2018 Sondage national sur les entrevues en santé (NHIS), les chercheurs du CDC ont calculé que 5.3 millions sur environ 156 millions d'U.S. adult workers were current e-cigarette users (“current” refers both to users who vape daily or only on some days). Entre 2014 et 2016, that figure was estimated at 5.2 million.

The CDC researchers calculated that 5.3 millions sur environ 156 millions d'U.S. adult workers between 2017 et 2018, were current e-cigarette users, while between 2014 et 2016, that figure was estimated at 5.2 million.

E-cigarette use was highest among white males, aged between 18 et 24, and employees in the accommodation and food services industry, and about half of the users reportedly also smoked combustible tobacco products.

The study also found that daily use was highest in trade industry occupations. “Daily e-cigarette use was highest among workers in the wholesale trade industry and production occupations. Among e-cigarette users, the prevalence of current combustible tobacco product use was highest among workers in the other services industry (including repair and maintenance, private household, and laundry services) and transportation and material moving occupations.”

Drop in smoking and vaping

Other CDC data released in December, indicated that “tobacco use”, a classification which also includes non-tobacco products such as vapes, has dropped. Thankfully combustible cigarette use remains significantly lower than e-cigarette use, even though the latter has dropped aswell.

One in six U.S. teens used tobacco, reported the CDC. “Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) were the most commonly used tobacco product among high school (19.6%; 3.02 million) and middle school (4.7%; 550,000) étudiants,” read the CDC report.

“From 2019 à 2020, decreases in current use of any tobacco product, any combustible tobacco product, multiple tobacco products, e-cigarettes, cigares, and smokeless tobacco occurred among high school and middle school students; these declines resulted in an estimated 1.73 millions de jeunes utilisateurs actuels de produits du tabac en moins 2020 que dans 2019 (6.20 million),” continued the report.

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