Enquête européenne: 80% des vapoteurs ont complètement arrêté de fumer


31% of the respondents said that if their preferred flavours were to be banned, they would resort to purchasing them on black market, tandis que 9% said they would start smoking again.

The IEVA aims to unite “national associations, companies, manufacturers and wholesalers in the vaping industry and providing them with responsible representation at the European level.” Over 3,300 european vapers participated in this study and the results confirmed once again that e-cigarettes are widely used as a smoking cessation tool across Europe. En réalité, a total of 81% percent of vapers reported having quit completely thanks to the devices, tandis que 12% managed to reduce.

Un total de 86% of the participants rightly assumed that e-cigarettes are safer than combustible cigarettes, with only 2% inaccurately thinking that e-cigarettes are equally harmful, or more harmful than regular cigarettes.

En ce qui concerne les saveurs, a total of 40% of the respondents reported using fruit flavours, et 25% candy flavours. A significant 35% said they use tobacco-flavoured e-liquids, and when asked how they would react if all flavours with the exception of tobacco would be banned, seulement 20% percent said they would switch to tobacco flavours.

Banning flavours would feed the blackmarket

Un total de 31% said they would resort to purchasing their preferred flavours on the black market, tandis que 9% said they would start smoking again. With regards to risk perceptions, 86% of the participants said they believe e-cigarettes are less harmful for them than regular cigarettes.

“Our survey confirms previous research that e-cigarette flavors are crucial for adult smokers. A flavour ban must be avoided at all costs, because it would lead many vapers to buy unregulated products on the black market or to start smoking again. And this would endanger the great opportunity that many more smokers”

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