Pourquoi les sportifs utilisent le CBD dans la vie de tous les jours


Les produits CBD sont de plus en plus populaires à mesure que les gens découvrent les avantages de cette «huile miracle» comme l'appelle Mike Tyson. Sportspeople use CBD in everyday life.

En effet, the famous – or infamous – boxer even owns his own cannabis/CBD company now and advocates the many uses that come from his products as do many other athletes.

According to a Gallup survey, 1 sur tous les 7 American adults uses CBD but what may be more surprising is to learn that active athletes and sports professionals use related products in their own daily lives. Not only have some sportspeople such as Tyson become involved in the business but they are advocating its use.

Why would a professional sportsperson or athlete use CBD, and what are the benefits? Perhaps just as importantly, could using CBD help you too?

What are the reasons for using CBD oil?

For many, CBD offers a range of benefits involving physical and mental health wellness. For an athlete, CBD may help with recovery time as some surveys have shown that it contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce muscle inflammation.

Other sportspeople swear that CBD helps with pain relief. It may be no big surprise then that out of the many famous athletes who advocate using CBD, many are from high-impact sports where injury, douleur, and recovery times are major factors. GridIron and rugby football players along with MMA fighters have all expressed their belief that CBD has helped them manage pain without addictive drugs and reduced their recovery times.

CBD can also help with relaxation. Exercise is known for reducing stress levels, reading, playing video or online casino games can all be fun but sometimes you may need something else to reduce tension.

CBD products for stress and anxiety

Sportspeople suffer from stress, anxiété, and depression just like the average person in the street can. Michael Phelps and Serena Williams are just two high-profile athletes who have publicly spoken about their problems with depression.

There are many forms of depression and if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, or any mental health ailment it is important to speak to a professional. There are many treatments and lots of support available and some people do find that CBD oil can help.

Athletes can find that the pressure of their sport, expectations, and the money involved can all lead to feelings of being unable to cope.

Studies have shown that CBD oil can help people suffering from insomnia to fall asleep easier and to have a more restful night. Sleep deprivation can cause anxiety and stress.

ADAA reports there is evidence that CBD can help with anxiety but more research is needed as it is relatively new. toutefois, many golfers such as Lucas Glover are known to use CBD as it helps to bring on a level of calmness that is needed in the sport.

Is it legal for athletes and sports professionals to use CBD products?

Professional and amateur athletes face many restrictions and rules and these differ depending on their governing bodies. Some sports prohibit players from betting on any event that they are involved in.

Environ 3 il y a des années, back at the start of 2018, l'Agence mondiale antidopage a retiré le CBD de la liste des substances interdites ou interdites permettant aux athlètes participant ou non à la compétition d'utiliser des produits CBD. Selon l'AMA, tous les cannabinoïdes sont désormais interdits dans le sport à l'exception du cannabidiol ou du CBD.

Tout produit contenant du THC est toujours interdit aux sportifs. Mais de nombreux professionnels qui parlent de leur consommation de CBD et cela ne semble pas être un problème.

Il semblerait que les athlètes qui utilisent du CBD le font pour améliorer leur temps de récupération en toute sécurité. This means avoiding any of the side effects that may be associated with ibuprofen or other NSAIDs or THC.

How can you use CBD in your life?

If you are involved in any level of sport or just enjoy exercising then you may find that CBD can help muscles to recover and inflammation to be reduced. Mais, you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from the oil.

If you enjoy online gaming or visiting casinos then you can benefit from CBD oil too. Many people find video games stressful. Even with online poker tournaments you want to be calm and stress-free. CBD can help online casino players when they are chasing the jackpot on the roulette wheel or playing blackjack.

Online casinos can be fun but stress can cause a loss of enjoyment. Perhaps CBD oil will help here as well. It can also help after playing online when it is time to sleep. If you find it hard to unwind then CBD may assist you in getting a good night’s sleep.

Can you vape CBD?

Nate Diaz once famously vaped CBD oil during an MMA post-fight press conference. If you are interested in vaping CBD then there are many beginner’s guides available online that can help you to start.

Vaping CBD hasn’t been tested as well as oral applications. Cela dit, there are many advocates for this method of using CBD. If you already vape then this may make sense for you to try CBD this way.


As a sports professional, CBD oil could help with many areas. Pain relief, muscle inflammation, recovery times, and stress reduction are main reasons an athlete would use CBD products.

You may wish to use CBD to help you to relax with work. aditionellement, playing video games, enjoying better sleep, can be discovered. Suffering from anxiety or stress? It is important to seek out professional help as well as use CBD.

La source: Spinfuel.com