Tanulmány: A biomarkerek változásai a cigarettáról a HTP-re váltáskor


Című tanulmány, „Az expozíció biomarkereinek változásai a hagyományos cigarettáról a globális dohányfűtő termékre való áttéréskor: Egy véletlenszerű, Controlled Ambulatory Study,” aimed to investigate whether biomarkers of exposure (BoE) to smoke toxicants are reduced when smokers switch from smoking cigarettes to using HTPs.

For the purpose of this study the researchers used Glo. They analysed urine, spot blood samples and exhaled carbon monoxide of participants who switched from smoking to using HTPs, and compared them to those of smokers and never smokers. The subjects are to be followed up at periodic intervals for 360 napok, and this paper is presenting data recorded at day 90.

In line with findings from previous studies, the data compiled to date indicate that HTPs generate lower levels of toxicants than regular cigarettes. “In continuing smokers, BoE remained stable between baseline (day 1) and day 90. In both per-protocol and CEVal-compliant analysis populations, reductions in BoE were observed in subjects switching to using glo or undergoing smoking cessation. These reductions were statistically significant for a number of BoE when switching to glo was compared with continued smoking.”

The levels of toxicants in HTP users comparable to those in non-smokers

Ráadásul, tette hozzá a kutató, the levels of toxicants in those who switched to HTPs were comparable to subjects who had quit smoking or never smoked in the first place. "Továbbá, in both populations, reductions observed in subjects switching to using glo were comparable to those seen with smoking cessation and were also to levels similar to those seen in never-smokers.”

“This clinical study builds on a previous 5-day confinement study and demonstrates that when smokers switched from smoking combustible cigarettes to using the glo THP in a naturalistic, ambulatory setting, their exposure to tobacco smoke toxicants was significantly decreased,”- fejezték be a kutatók.

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