230W Starter Kit – SMOK RIGEL & TFV9 Combo – Review


Aesthetics of the SMOK Rigel Kit

The SMOK Rigel mod is definitely a “try before you buy” device in this reviewer’s opinion. On the outside of the box, my silver and black test model looked like the pinnacle of smart, mature design, with a professional vibe and a durable look. Then I opened the box.

When I removed the Rigel from its enclosure, I was floored by how ridiculously light the mod really is. The exterior has a solid metal look, but the device is among the most weight conscious I’ve used this year. In fact, it reminded me a lot of last year’s Kanger Ripple mod, in terms of how the company attempted to cram a lot of power and tech within a VERY slender, lightweight exterior.

I appreciate the compact design, but as is always the case with mods built with weight in mind, I worry about dropping it, even from minimal heights, for fear the casing will snap or warp.

In other areas, the Rigel has some really bright spots. For starters, the user interface, from the tried-and-true control scheme, responsive fire key and linear TFT screen and menu system all work and look great, with a mature feel that most of today’s mods forego to grab attention on shelves.

On the downside, the press-fit 510 connection is a dud, wiggling as soon as I attached any tank, save for a few RDAs that sit flusher than the included TFV9 tank. (You might want to speak to your seller or SMOK is this happens to you)

Source: Spinfuel.com