Aspire DECO 100W Starter Kit Review


Vaping the Aspire DECO Mod Kit

I wish the included ODAN sub-ohm tank warranted its own section to shine light on its standout flavor and vapor quality, but overall, the ODAN was just “okay,” with mid-range performance and coil longevity.

The kit comes with two mesh ODAN coils (0.3 and 0.18 ohms) that are virtually indistinguishable from one another, except for durability. While the flavor and vapor production were consistent in both, the 0.3-ohm head lasted just three days of regular use before performance waned. The 0.18-ohm head is still kicking strong more than a week later.

Perhaps this was just a production mishap, but I’d like to believe we’ve reached a point in vaping technology where duds aren’t still a persistent problem. Either way, this was disappointing.

Also, the tank comes with a widebore drip tip, but one with a snug opening, making for odd draws. While my mouth was primed for a large hit of vapor, the narrow channel produced less vapor than predicted. It took a while to get used to, and eventually I just swapped it for something more comfortable.

Looking past those missteps, the DECO vaped beautifully, using a wide range of tanks and rebuildable atomizers. Interestingly, the mod handles standard wattage vaping, alongside variable voltage and preset CPS modes, but there’s no temperature control to be had. Nor is there any explanation in the documentation of what CPS actually IS. This was a little odd, even if it won’t affect most users in the slightest.

Ramp time was quick and responsive, and the onboard menu system was linear and easy to operate, even with one hand. Hardly a revolutionary setup, but predictable and reliable, which is precisely what the DECO’s target market is looking for.

Battery Life A+

Battery life was strong. For once, we saw a noticeable improvement when using larger 21700 cells, rather than 18650s. Not only does this give users 100 watts of output (as compared to 80 with 18650 cells) but also improves draw power and ramp time. I enjoyed more than five hours of heavy use on a single 21700 before having to recharge — a big number for a single-cell vape mod.

I found it strange that 20700 cells aren’t supported. I realize there’s little demand for this battery format these days, but it seems odd that the DECO didn’t even recognize mine during testing. [NOTE: We checked this within a proper testing environment. Never insert batteries that aren’t explicitly listed as compatible in a device’s documentation.]


  • Amazing build quality
  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Strong 21700 performance


  • Included ODAN tank is average, at best
  • Narrow battery chamber (and no 20700 support)
  • Antiquated display might turn off some users