Blotto RTA by DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Review


Blotto Impressions Cont…

But don’t be fooled by the potentially gaudy appearance, because the Blotto is, at heart, a simple, high-capacity RTA that is flavor-focused, and not just there for show. The stock straight glass might be a little pedestrian and low-end for high-wattage vapers, but the (also included) glass bubble extension gets the job done beautifully, with a snug fit and more than enough juice capacity to get you through the day.

Taking chassis design influence from — of all things — a bottle cap, the top-filling Blotto is supremely easy to fill, build and maintain, without any leaks or other performance concerns. But more importantly, the simple build design makes it easy for vapers of any experience level to place coils, wick and get to vaping. No muss, no fuss, no nonsense.

The deck is a raised platform design that isn’t nearly as spacious as the tank size would indicate. It’s not bad, but I found much more success with single-coil builds, since doubles often touched and shorted if I wasn’t careful. For the record, if you’re a cloud fiend and naturally opt for dual-coil builds, give the Blotto a few runs in a single-coil configuration. You might be surprised by just how flavorful and thick the vapor turns out to be.

Complaints? Well, I really only had one. The honeycomb-style bottom AFC ring might allow for more control over airflow, but it was supremely difficult to tell how “open” it was in all but the best-lit rooms. While I appreciate the subtlety, AFC rings are more about convenience, and this wasn’t.

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