Dovpo Odin 100 Mod Review


Vaping the Dovpo Odin 100

Despite the aesthetic flatness, the standard menu system hasn’t been changed a bit, and we’re thankful for that. It might not be the most intuitive menu operation, but it remains logical and user-friendly, even with a three-button control scheme.

Despite not having its usual DNA the Odin hits hard with precise wattage and temp control operation, temp protection, support for all major coil types, and battery life optimization. Obviously, a Dovpo mod is going to deliver straightforward performance, so there’s no surprise there. But I was nonetheless impressed by how powerful the Odin was, even with a relatively low wattage threshold.

Using a Sub-Ohm

Using a 25mm tank, registering around 0.18 ohms, I was floored by how much power came flowing through the atomizer, producing a warm, rich vape. At just 60 watts – which is not a small amount of power by any means – I felt I enjoyed the same vape quality some other mods offer at more-intense wattages.

The built-in protection suite was beyond solid. I maintain a collection of coils that I use specifically for testing protection warnings, and just as advertised, the Odin throws a warning at and below 0.1 ohms. These protection features are fairly common these days, but I’ve seen more than one completely fail. The Odin offers no such concerns.