Geek Vape Aegis Squonk 100W Mod Review


Initial Impressions of the Aegis Squonk Kit

Well, you definitely can’t get on Geek Vape for straying — the Aegis line of mods have all centered on the same look and feel, save for a few aesthetic differences year over year. The Aegis Squonk stays right in line with its predecessors, complete with the velvety rubber exterior, bright colored accents, clearly laid out display and rock-solid build quality.

But, because the Aegis Squonk is a single-18650 device, it IS noticeably smaller and more compact.

A few items of note: The Aegis Squonk has the fire key and squonk bottle opening on opposite sides of the device, which might present an issue to those used to using the device with one hand. While a firing and squonking hand position is a matter of preference, I found it a little awkward to squeeze the bottle with a thumb while holding the mod in a trigger grip.

Turning it around might appease those who like to squonk with a ring finger, but the fire button isn’t really set up for comfortable thumb trigger use. Again, just my preferences here, but I doubt I’m the only one facing this right now.

Also, the screw cap bottom battery door might be a nice nod to older vape mod design, the format’s time has come and gone. Why not just have a nicely hinged door for quick battery changes? This screw cap might be secure, but it’s hardly convenient when you’re out and about.

But the biggest inconvenience by a country mile is having to remove two tiny hex screws whenever you want to change the 10mL squonk bottle. If you’re anything like me, you clean your squonk gear whenever possible, to avoid “off” flavors and leaky connections. In an effort to keep things secure and compact, the Aegis Squonk hides the bottle beneath these screws, making it an annoying chore to swap out on the fly.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news. For starters, there was VERY little leaking and condensation in the squonk bottle chamber, thanks to a firm, well-molded bottle. And the Aegis Squonk also has one of the best refill ports around, with a perfectly made port that prevents overflow and spitback.

Yes, you’ll probably need to remove your RDA to fill it with any larger bottle, which is an annoyance in itself. But for once, I didn’t feel the need to keep a roll of paper towels with me whenever refilling the large-capacity bottle, so let’s call this a win.