Innokin GoMAX Tube and Disposable Tank Kit


Vaping the Innokin GoMAX Tube Kit

One of our biggest complaints about the Zlide kit was the poor performance of the 3,000mAh battery. Well, I don’t know what happened here, but what SEEMED like the same battery turned out some seriously impressive longevity. One rapid charge turned into nearly a full workday of sub-ohm vaping — and that’s under heavy testing conditions.

Since the GoMAX is a direct wattage device, there are no adjustments to be had, leaving the heavy lifting to the internal chipset. But for the most part, the GoMAX registered whatever atomizer I put on top of it and doled out an appropriate level of power. On a rare few occasions, the GoMAX seemed a little underpowered compared to the coil resistance, but overall, I was impressed by the atomizer recognition here.

When using the GoMAX tanks, the kit produced solid, no frills performance, chucking what felt like (since there’s no wattage readout or display) a legitimate 80 watts of power. And it maintained right up until it was time to recharge using the onboard USB slot.

Using other atomizers might have been even more impressive. With a wide range of RDAs and tanks, the GoMAX never faltered, and (other than those few underpowered moments) always seemed to recognize the coil and perform to expectations.

While I missed having the adjustment option, for a basic, beginner sub-ohm rig, the GoMAX doesn’t miss too many steps.


  • Strong battery life
  • Nice finish and exterior
  • Impressive coil recognition


  • Neon might not be for everyone
  • Might benefit from a little control and adjustment
  • Poor coil/tank longevity