Vaping the Innokin Sceptre

Given the simplified format and lack of moving parts, there really wasn’t much for us to do but prime the coil, fill the tank and vape. And overall, we were happy with the results. Though most of our office is filled with higher-wattage vapers, some of us occasionally enjoy some

There are two coils included in the box — one for restricted lung use, and a higher-resistance head for dedicated MTL vaping. But you know what? Both coils were more flavorful, long-lasting and enjoyable with the MTL airflow setting. So, while the RDL option is nice, it’s pretty clear what the Sceptre’s true calling is, and you’re better off following its lead.

The 1,400mAh integrated battery does a decent job of keeping you vaping moderately through most of a workday, but it’s not designed to be a steady workhorse. Under our testing conditions, the cell lasted just under two hours. Of course, these aren’t normal use cases, so take these numbers with a grain of salt.

Battery Charges FAST

Thankfully, the battery recharges very quickly via the micro-USB connection. Perhaps a USB-C would speed things up even further, but overall, there are no complaints in this department.

The vape quality is strong when using the right e-liquids. Thinner (50/50 or higher PG) traditional liquids work well, but nic salt liquids are far and away the best option here, with ridiculously clean, rich flavor throughout.

Our only complaints came from the relatively short lifespan of the sceptre coils. We’ve seen MTL-focused pod mod coils last weeks or longer, yet we were only able to garner a week of great vaping before flavors became a little muted. They were still producing ample vapor afterwards, but weaker flavor made us swap out the heads more quickly than expected.


  • Gorgeous, mature design
  • Outstanding heft and build quality
  • Rich, nuanced flavor quality


  • Middling coil longevity
  • Older USB type
  • Battery life could be better