Lost Vape Thelema Pod Mod/AIO Kit Review


Aesthetics of the Lost Vape THELEMA

Pod mod/AIO kits have seemed to “settle in” to a handful of form factors, and the Thelema isn’t pushing to break the mold. However, the accents

and design choices help separate the Thelema from the other, resin-heavy entrants in the race.

From the stitched leather grip (with a unique, almost Polynesian design), to the flawless frame and build quality, Lost Vape devices always have a high-end feel to them. There are no garish color contrasts, or unnecessary logo treatments to distract the eye. The Thelema is, at once, both striking and mature.

The full color TFT display is standard issue, but is clear, legible and responsive, fitting the device well. If anything, I’d actually consider moving to a monochrome readout, to let the Thelema’s mature aesthetic shine even brighter. A personal design choice, for sure. But one that should be an option down the line.


Our only complaint about the design is the minuscule juice-level viewing window, which is almost useless. Not only is the slot far too narrow to make any real determination of juice level, but because the pod tank is tinted, there needs to be perfect light to make any use of it.

Thankfully, the magnetic pod tank is easy to remove and replace, so the window doesn’t play THAT big a role here. But if you’re going to have this feature, might as well make it usable, no?

Source: Spinfuel.com