Natural Caffeine Alternatives You Can Buy Online


B Vitamins

Many of the foods you eat will contain a variety of B vitamins. Certain of these vitamins have stimulating effects, similar to caffeine. For example, our bodies can convert nicotinamide riboside, commonly known as vitamin B3, into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This coenzyme is used by the cells of your body to metabolize energy. When you consume B3, you enhance your body’s ability to produce energy at the cellular level. Fish, chicken, peanuts, and other high protein foods are often high in B3. Alternatively, you can buy B3 capsules online, often labeled as Niacin, as a more direct source of B3.

Chicory Root

Many people boil chicory root into a beverage that has a similar aroma and flavor to coffee. It’s not actually a stimulant in the way that caffeine works. Instead, it may have a placebo effect on your body, if you are weaning off of the drug. That said, it may have health benefits including improved digestion and as a solution to reducing the symptoms of hyperglycemia. You can buy this root online and steep it in hot water for a delicious drink. Consume it in conjunction with one of the energy boosters listed above, and you’ll have an effective coffee substitute that can give you the physical, and psychological boost you need.

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