SMOK SCAR-18 230W Mod Kit Review


Vaping the SMOK Scar-18 Kit

Firing up the Scar-18 was like reconnecting with an old friend. Not because the design or function is antiquated, but rather because SMOK seemingly took everything that worked on previous devices and melded them into a fantastic whole.

Though I didn’t bother taking the SCAR-18 to its 230-watt limit (because it’s 2020 and that’s a ridiculous wattage level) I can say it seamlessly climbed to 150 watts on low-resistance coils without stuttering. It was smooth, never got overly warm, and never misfired. It was everything we want from a modern mod, with nothing that we don’t.

The durable, weighty, high-end feel is countered by effortless usability. The IQ-X chipset minimized the menu trees to a simple, linear format that makes navigation a breeze without sacrificing any functionality. And though I’d still always prefer a dedicated “enter/action” button in addition to the up/down controls, SMOK really nailed down the classic menu format here.

Speaking of durable, we’ve seen a lot of mods claim waterproofing and shock protection. But sadly, I had the chance to test it here. During an unfortunate series of events that led to my new SCAR-18 falling into a 100-degree hot tub, I raced to save it and was THRILLED to see that nothing was damaged or even affected by the quick swim.


Will I submerge it for 30 minutes or throw it off a cliff? Probably not. But the SCAR-18 is designed for people to use, not cradle it in bubble wrap.

Finally, the dual-18650 battery performance was above average, with a pair of fresh cells giving me roughly six hours of steady use before tapping out. Hardly the best we’ve seen, but still in the upper 25% of high-wattage mods currently clogging store shelves.

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