SMOK TFV9 Sub-Ohm Disappoints Just a Little Bit


Aesthetics of the SMOK TFV9 Sub-Ohm

The SMOK TFV9 makes a commanding first impression… because it’s nearly identical to the TFV8 Baby Beast. And, while that was a game changing tank a few years ago, it’s really hard to get excited by the design at the end of 2020.

That said, the tank design is proven and popular, and my cherry red test model hits all of the usual notes in terms of height, diameter and capacity.

Please note that the description claims this is a 28mm tank, but that’s the measurement of the bubble glass, not the base. Instead, you have a standard 25-26mm tank with the requisite extended glass section..

The final item you’ll notice from the outset is the TFV9’s new lift-and-release childproof mechanism on the standard swivel top-cap. While I wouldn’t go as far as to call it “childproof” this feature helps add a little extra security by effectively creating a two-step locking system. It’s unobtrusive and doesn’t hinder the experience.

Speaking of the top-cap, the kidney-shaped juice port is finally (and mercifully) wider than usual, eliminating much of the pooling and spillage that happened with many of SMOK’s “Baby” line models. All of my bottles and droppers allowed me to fill with ease, nearly to the top of its capacity.

Otherwise, you’ve seen this before from SMOK, countless times over.