Steam Crave GLAZ 31mm RTA Review


Aesthetics of the GLAZ 31mm

Holy hell, this thing is big — in fact, most of Steam Crave’s current lineup of RTAs is larger than 30mm, but the GLAZ dwarfs just about everything out there today. And be forewarned, it’s not going to look right on many normal-sized mods, even if they’re wide enough to handle 31mm tanks.

(Think Dovpo’s Odin or Steam Crave’s own Hadron mods, not your usual pocket mod.)

That said, even with the tremendous amount of real estate, Steam Crave was surprisingly reserved with the overall design of this RTA. For starters, there’s a no-frills aesthetic throughout the build quality. It’s simply stainless steel with no accents or adornments to be found.

Even the engraved Steam Crave logo treatment is bare-bones, as if someone learned to use the machine for the first time.

That said, this “lo-fi” approach to construction means some of the machining is a little odd. For starters, the base threading is a little crunchy, and it takes a few days before the excess metal filaments wear away. Even the sliding fill cap needed some muscle for the first few uses before breaking in properly.