Suicide Mods ETHER 24mm RTA Review


Aesthetics of the Suicide Mods ETHER

The Ether itself is an attractive atomizer that stood out from my other MTL-focused RTAs which are usually taller and narrower. By comparison, this 2mL setup is a short, stout affair, made even more enjoyable by the drip tip and glass section.

There is an extension piece included in the box, in case you want to purchase “XL” glass sections for more capacity, but we only worked with the stock 2mL format for this review. At a lofty $52.99, it seems odd that at least ONE larger extension glass wasn’t included in our review box, but who are we to argue with their pricing?

There’s no question Suicide Mods designed this tank for true MTL vapers, with airflow that ranges from tight, to really tight. The postless build deck itself is relatively narrow, but is an absolute breeze to build upon, with large screws in place to secure coils and trim leads. In less than a minute, I had a perfect coil in place, ready to wick.

Despite the relatively small deck size, the cotton/juice ports are deep, and I found I needed more cotton than expected to fill them, while still allowing for juice flow. I heartily recommend fluffing your cotton well before placing it, as juice flow is still limited because of the MTL design.

Skull Logos

One thing I loved was the use of skull logos on the base of the tank. While no one will see it when attached to a mod, MTL products are usually more reserved in design, making this a standout for that reason alone. Even if MTL vaping isn’t as “rock and roll” as the sub-ohm crowd, I dug the look.