Uwell Whirl II (Mostly) MTL Tank


Vaping the Uwell Whirl II Tank

What’s interesting is that this Whirl, championed as a versatile MTL tank, is also inviting direct lung vapers to the party. While it’s never going to replace my fog-chuckers, the Whirl II does a really good job catering to multiple styles of vaping, using the same types of liquids. With the airflow wide open, I was able to generate a sizable cloud at low wattage.

There are two coils included here – a standard 1.8-ohm MTL head, as well as a looser 0.6-ohm coil that exceeds expectations, even from a jaded reviewer. The flavor is strong, and the coil life is exceptional, even under heavy use. Each head gave me more than two weeks of performance before flavors began to suffer from the testing. Typical users should see even better results.

(Uwell fans, yes the “Pro-FOCS” flavor system is on the Whirl II, and we still don’t quite know what it means.)

The MTL Mode

In MTL “mode” (where I spent most of my testing time) the Whirl II proved to be a low-wattage warrior, giving me hours upon hours of no-frills flavor, surprisingly thick vapor production, and effortless refilling and coil replacement – not that anyone needs to replace the heads that often.

As a direct lung tank, the Whirl is still flavorful, if not as concentrated or nuanced. But make no mistake, this is a capable restricted lung device when used with the right juices and wattages. I never needed to tinker much, and the coils were more than up to the task.

No matter how you choose to use the Whirl II, it’s ready to perform. Even though you’ll be refilling the 3.5mL tank more often with the sub-ohm coil, there’s really no criticisms to be had here.

Whirl II Pros

– Excellent coil performance and longevity

– Nice fill port setup

– Sharp design

And Cons

– Slightly small capacity

– Flimsy drip-tip slightly affects comfort

– Sub-ohm coil isn’t as flavorful as the MTL head

Source: Spinfuel.com