Aesthetics of the Vaperz Cloud TEMPLE

The Temple is 25mm in diameter, with decent, 6mm juice wells, and very little “flair” in the proceedings. Likewise, the brushed brass (they call it gold) exterior cap has very little adornment, outside of some minimal logo embossing, and some slight cutaways on the top cap to ease opening the RDA.

Likewise, the Cloud Temple build deck is alarmingly similar to many other drippers. With two squatty posts that allow for single- or dual-coil builds, and a decent amount of creative coil placement. The classic front-feeding design gives users a good amount of flexibility, and the raised format means you can place and position wire before snipping the leads.

Once they’re seated, the coils hold in place nicely, and users will likely have enough room above the deck to position the coils as desired. Of course, placement won’t be as much of a concern on the Temple as on other RDAs, thanks to the device’s only true standout feature — the airflow control.


While there’s also nothing original about an adjustable airflow cap or a chamber reducer, the format is popular for a reason, and the Temple allows for a nice range of direct lung and restricted lung arrangements, letting users control the experience. It’s hardly newsworthy, but this IS an RDA after all. Personal preference will ultimately determine how you position your Temple.

Also impressive was the deceptive 6mm juice well, which held a good amount of juice, allowing me to puff for extended periods before having to refill. I was able to use an ample amount of cotton, and it never dried out ahead of expectations, even at higher wattages. Though it’s not as spacious as some larger drippers the Temple is hardly the neediest RDA in my collection.

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