VEIIK Airo Pod Vape Review | Luxurious and Cheap!


The VEIIK Airo is a well-made pod vape at an inexpensive price. It’s made for high-strength nic salts and it comes with two 1.2-ohm refillable pods that hold 2 mL of juice. It’s built on a 360 mAh battery with pass-thru charging, and it’s got a draw activated MTL hit with no power adjustments. Interesting to note, the VEIIK website says the Airo uses a microchip that’s supposed to integrate temperature control … a little more on that later.

The pre-production devices used for this review were sent to me free of charge, directly from VIEEK. The Airo comes in a wide array of color combinations, and it’s currently sold on the VEIIK website as well as Chinese retailers and a few US sites.

Price: $24.99 (at VEIIK)

Colors: brown/gold, blue/blue, red/white, black/black, black/rainbow

The first thing of note about the Airo is its looks and build quality. It looks fancier than its price tag. It measures 100 mm x 25 mm x 12 mm, and it weighs a little over 51 g. It’s a bit taller than the Aspire Breeze 2 and SMOK Nord, but it’s thinner and less wide than both.

The Airo is a made of a thick zinc alloy with leather-like front and back panels. While the panels are effectively stickers, they’re cut and placed well with no unsightly gaps or awkward alignments. I’ve picked at the panels and they’re not easily removed.

The Airo takes magnetic drop-in pods. The magnets could be a little stronger. It’s one of those vapes where a drop will cause the pods to pop out, but they’re strong enough to hold the weight of the device while being held by the pod.

The pods have a dark tint, but they are easy to see through with just a little light needed. On the other hand, the side-refill plug isn’t as ideal. It’s not anchored to the pod and it’s quite flimsy. Luckily, VEIIK includes four of them in the kit.

All in all, for the price range, the VEIIK Airo is an above average pod vape in build quality. Aesthetics are subjective, but I think it looks good.

I’ve tested three pre-production VEIIK Airo devices and over six pods. The cotton-wicked horizontal micro coils wick within three minutes, and I’ve gotten no serious leaking, spitting or popping from the pods. It’s got a semi-loose MTL draw, but I wouldn’t call it a restricted lung hit. There is a side airflow hole that VEIIK says you can cover up to get a tighter draw, but I feel covering it is a bit clumsy and it doesn’t change the draw much.

The best part of the Airo performance for me is its hit. It vapes warm without getting hot, and the throat hit is substantial. It also has a quick ramp and it’s relatively quiet. It is a great device for getting a quick blast of high-strength nic salts. If you only have time for a couple puffs, the Airo can set you straight!

But unfortunately, it hasn’t worked so well for chain vaping … or just taking several hits in succession. The flavor and vapor are decent to me, but I don’t see how this device could have temperature control. When I take five or so back-to-back three-second hits, it starts to taste dry. Not a burnt hit, but feeling like one is coming. I’ve used 50/50 nic salts and even 70/30 PG/VG and it’s been the same with both. Of course, it’s possible that I take hits that are too long for the Airo, but that’s how I vape when using a mouth-to-lung hit. And it’s not like I’m pushing it that hard.

Also, a couple of the pods have a plastic taste on the initial fill, similar to the Aspire Spryte. And I’ve gotten several misfires with my all-black Airo. The plastic taste, at least, goes away within the first fill, but it’s not so pleasant pushing through that. The misfires on my all-black one happen for (seemingly) no reason, and I have to pull out a pod and drop it back in to get the device vaping. But sometimes that doesn’t even work and I keep drawing and drawing until finally the automatic draw kicks in. It’s odd because I can get the LED to turn on, even though the coil sometimes won’t activate.

The 360 mAh battery life is indicated by a bottom LED that runs the width of the device. It looks cool, but it’s too long and bright for stealth vaping.

  • White: fully charged
  • Blue: 30%-70%
  • Red: 10%-30%
  • Flashing red: no power

Although the battery only has 360 mAh, I’ve been able to get a day out of usage. Still, for a device that weighs over 50 g, I would’ve preferred there to be more battery life.

The VEIIK website says the device has a quick battery charge, but it takes up to an hour! Luckily, it has pass-thru charging because that’s not very quick in my estimation. It’s charged from a micro USB port along the side of the device.

The VEIIK Airo is a good-looking pod vape with solid build quality. There’s a lot to like about the device, and it’s inexpensive. Unfortunately, the performance during my testing of the pre-production devices have been a mixed bag of good, mediocre, and meh!

I don’t just use these pod vapes for doing the reviews, I use them because I enjoy vaping with them. I recently went on a road trip and took several pods with me. While I would’ve liked to have had the hit of the Airo, the lack of vape consistency caused me to leave it at home. Granted, when I got home I quickly took a couple rips off one because, as I said in the performance section, it’s got a really nice hit!

I enjoy using the Airo, but until I can get confirmation (through further testing) that the production line won’t have some of the issues I had, I have to withhold my recommendation despite its inexpensive price, noteworthy hit and solid build quality.

If VEIIK can fix the misfires (that only happened with one of the devices) and the dry hits (which happened with all of them when taking frequent, longer drags) it could be one of the best pod vapes around. Having said all that, another Vaping360 team member that loves pod vapes says the Airo is one of his current favorites. It’s possible that what I have from pre-production will not be the case with the retail version.

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Source: Vaping360