Vaping the Wotofo NexMesh Pro Tank

For all the hype about capacity and design, the real stars of the NexMesh Pro tank are located inside the device. For starters, the thing proved to be pretty damn leak-proof during my two-week testing period. Other than the usual condensation that happens when temperatures change, this is one of the more reliable tanks in my collection, at least in this department.

Both the included 0.2-ohm coil and the 0.15-ohm coils were decent mid-wattage performers, with solid flavor and vapor performance. If I had to lean in one direction, I found the 0.2-ohm coil was slightly better overall, with brighter flavor and richer vapor. But it’s largely a toss-up.

When staying right in the middle of their stated ranges both coil heads were at their best. Though each was listed to go higher, I found that they started to scorch above 80 watts, regardless of which mod I had attached. This is a little misleading for newcomers, who might push them well past their actual limits.


In terms of longevity, the lower-resistance coil was slightly more durable, giving me a passable six days of performance before flavor started to wane. But neither is winning any endurance records, especially when compared to some of today’s better sub-ohm tanks. That said, juice consumption was surprisingly frugal considering how flavor-focused the tank tries to be.

The NexMesh Pro ‘Pros’:

  • Frugal e-liquid consumption
  • Proven, time-honored design choices
  • Excellent sliding top cap

And the Cons:

  • Been there/done that design
  • Mediocre coil performance and longevity
  • Cap gets hot at higher wattages

Source: Spinfuel.com