Are You Going to the Rally? We Want Your Pics!


As you probably know, vapers will rally in Washington, D.C., near the White House this Saturday, Nov. 9. The rally marks a moment when we enter an extremely challenging period that may fundamentally change the vaping industry and community (for better or worse we don’t yet know).

Vaping360 believes that the Washington rally will be historic—-a milestone vaping event worthy of being documented so all vapers can have a taste of the experience. In the days following the rally, we want to publish a gallery of photos from the event. Since we don’t have a photographer attending, we need your help! If you’re attending, and interested in sharing your pictures, we want to see them—-and hopefully publish them.

We’re not expecting professional work, just clear shots of the things you see—-especially other vapers. Yes, images of famous (or “vape-famous”) people would be great too, but we mainly want to see all the vapers who took the time and spent their own money to demonstrate on behalf of vapers everywhere. The vapers are the real stars.

We’re also interested in videos of the event—-preferably fairly short ones. We don’t have the ability to host videos, so we can only accept ones already posted to YouTube or Vimeo (because they can be embedded on our pages). If you’re planning on shooting video, create a YouTube account now!

Thanks for going to the rally and making it a huge success. From all of us who can’t be there…we can’t wait to see your pictures!

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Source: Vaping360