Colorado Mulls New Nicotine Taxes


Members of Colorado House Finance Committee voted mostly along party lines to advance House Bill 1333, which would levy $300 million per year on Colorado’s smokers and vapers.

Colorado claims that the revenue would be directed to health care programs, pre schoo, and after school activities.

According to Truth Initiative, however, while Colorado took in $292.6 million in nicotine tax revenue in 2018, it spent only $24.2 million on those programs. That’s a mere ~12 percent of what the state took in to be actually spent on what they claim they want the money for.

According to Colorado State Representative Yadira Caraveo (D-Thornton) the justification for his burdensome tax is all too familiar:

“The prime part of this bill is changing the price point for young people and trying to reduce the effects for young people.”

If minors are purchasing nicotine products in Colorado, they are of course doing so illegally and are therefore unlikely to be the buyers affected by this tax or any tax.

Store owners spoke up in objection to the 62% tax on e-liquid. Amanda Wheeler of JVape stores across the state, said:

“We are not big tobacco, we are not in the business of hooking kids on nicotine. We go out of our way to make sure our stores are not the source where kids are getting vape products. We want to help adults get off of cigarettes,” she said. “We do not want to be an on-ramp for kids to get addicted to nicotine.”

State Representative Shane Sandridge also spoke out against the tax, saying:

“We do have a problem, but voters did weigh in on this on a similar matter and struck it down. Any time you want to put a business out of business, tax the heck out of them,” he added. “I understand there’s a problem; I just don’t feel this is the best way to solve it.”

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