Flavours to be banned across the USA as CNN bans vape ads & Sally Davies talks more nonsense


Death blow for US vaping? Trump calls for flavour ban

The future looks dire for vapers in the USA, as President Trump said he plans to ban sales of most flavoured liquids. Speaking from the Oval Office on Wednesday, Trump said his administration as looking closely at electronic cigarettes because “people are dying with vaping”. In fact the current outbreak of lung disease across the USA is linked to black market cannabis products and has nothing to do with flavoured e-cigs, but facts rarely get in the way when it comes to US vaping policy.

Health and human services secretary Alex Azar went on to say that the Food and Drug Administration is working on the details of the ban, but it’s likely to take several weeks to implement. So far only a broad outline has emerged. Azar says that all non-tobacco flavoured products will have to be taken off the market 30 days after the rule comes in; manufacturers will be able to seek

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