Florida Vapers: Keep Asking Gov. DeSantis to Veto the Flavor Ban!


The article below was originally published March 15. The state legislature has not yet transmitted SB810—the bill that includes the flavor ban—to Governor Ron DeSantis. Once the governor formally receives the bill from the legislature, he will have 15 days to either sign it into law, veto it, or do nothing (it passes automatically if he does nothing).

The governor also has the ability to do a “line-item” veto. That means he could sign the Tobacco 21 segment of the bill, and still veto the flavor ban. That is probably the outcome vapers should be suggesting (since T-21 is federal law already).

It remains very important for Florida vapers and businesses to stay engaged. If interest falls off, the governor may assume that the JUUL customers who have been tricked into advocating for passage of the bill are speaking for all vapers.

You can follow the CASAA call to action below for an easy way to connect with Gov. DeSantis, and use the phone number to call the governor’s office. Whether emailing or calling (both would be best), it’s crucial that vapers who use flavored e-liquid, or depend on vape shops or other Florida vape businesses, continue to let the governor know where they stand. If you’ve already called or emailed, do it again!

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Source: Vaping360