ITSA Initiates Recruitment Campaign to Fight Fraudulent Trade


The International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) is recruiting new members, including government authorities, universities, foundations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other associations, who can help fight the fraudulent trade of tobacco, alcohol and other products.

All prospective associate members must have a legitimate and established interest in tax/security stamps or secure track-and-trace systems. Associate membership is not open to individuals or to organizations that collaborate significantly with manufacturers, distributors or sellers of excisable products or with their subsidiaries and associates.

“We want to increase our influence in the fight against the illicit trade of tobacco and other products by forging closer links with NGOs, research bodies, government authorities and other key bodies,” said Juan Carlos Yanez, chairman of the ITSA. “Tobacco fraud in particular leads to a rapid increase in poor health and costs revenue authorities millions of pounds in lost excise duty.”

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Source: VaporVoice