Podcast: Unfiltered Conversations With David Goerlitz and Michael McGrady


The latest episode of the Vaping Weekly podcast is an experiment in format and a critical interview with one of the most impactful voices in the modern tobacco harm reduction space. Michael McGrady holds a frank and open conversation with David Goerlitz, the Winston Man turned whistleblower.

This episode is special too. Being “Unfiltered #1,” we put away the scripts and we have a real conversation about loss, drug use, vaping, tobacco harm reduction, RJ Reynolds, and Winston cigarettes.

Please note, listener discretion is advised. Parts of this podcast are to be considered emotionally raw and profanity is used. However, that should not distract from the pain focus of this podcast episode.

Also, there is no transcript for the episode because of the conversational nature of both Goerlitz and the host. Feel free to let us know about any feedback you may have for us and please be sure to share

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Source: VapingPost