State lawmakers balk at more anti-vaping laws, and JUUL hit back at dubious Twitter study


Arizona moves to protect vapers from kneejerk laws

In a rare show of opposition to the anti-vaping hysteria that’s currently sweeping the USA, Arizona lawmakers have moved forward with a bill that would limit the right of local governments to pass new restrictions on reduced-harm products. While the bill doesn’t go as far as harm reduction advocates would like, and imposes an unwelcome restriction of its own, it does prevent some of the more damaging laws that have been plaguing American vapers over the last couple of years.

Promoted by state representative John Allen (R, Scottsdale), State Bill 1147 allows local councils to keep their existing laws on the sale of vapour products but blocks them from making those laws any more restrictive – and it also forbids other communities from introducing their own new laws. SB 1147 only applies to the sale of vape gear and liquid, not where it can be used, so unfortunately it will still be possible to impose indoor vaping bans. Flavour bans, licensing requirements and advertising restrictions will be disallowed, though.

The big downside of the bill is that it raises the minimum purchase age for vapour products to 21 across the entire state. The so-called “T21” campaign is a worrying trend, and it’s unfortunate that Arizona has chosen to bolt it on to an otherwise sensible bill.

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