UK’s largest vapor retailer selects one of its own to lead new quit campaign


January 21, 2020

A new nationwide stop-smoking campaign launched by the UK’s largest vaping retailer has tabbed a Port Talbot man will be the face of the in-store campaign.

Douglas Parsons’ stop-smoking journey will be featured across a range of collateral, including on each VPZ store’s in-house screens as he details his switch to vaping.

The 26-year-old previously smoked a cigarette every hour before being encouraged to kick the habit by his partner.

Parsons had tried a range of over-the-counter smoking cessation products but admits he continually went back to cigarettes as he struggled to kick the habit once and for all, according to a press release.

He eventually turned to vaping as an alternative and has never looked back after taking advantage of VPZ’s 28-day support program and money back guarantee on Innokin brand starter packs.

“The VPZ staff in-store have been brilliant and having the opportunity to be able to track how my body is reacting really puts everything into perspective. It is genuinely crazy the difference vaping has made to my body,” Parsons said.

Latest consumer research from VPZ shows that 89 percent of customers stated that vaping helped them quit smoking altogether. Among the success stories, 97 per cent stated that vaping helped them most throughout the journey towards kicking the habit. And of those, 79 percent confirmed that they had been smoking for six years or more.

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