我简直不敢输入, 但是距离我们审查标准已有一段时间了, 简洁的Pod Mod! (没有, we weren’t exactly BEGGING for one, but still…) The latest entrant in this saturated market? The all-new Uwell Caliburn G 18-watt pod mod.

看, if you’re seeking a life-changing, world-beating vape mod, you probably don’t have to read any further. But if you’re seeking a new traditional pod mod to stick in your front pocket for occasional use, check out some of the details and we’ll see you after the jump.


Discover the new Uwell CALIBURN G 15W Pod System, featuring a 690mAh battery, adjustable airflow system, and holds up to 2mL of eJuice or nicotine salts. 由耐用锌基合金构成, the chassis of the Caliburn G is resistant to light falls and drops. Encasing a long-lasting integrated 690mAh battery, the CALIBURN G can deliver an all-day vape, outputting up to 18W of power. At the top is a magnetically attached 2mL refillable pod equipped with a leak proof top fill system, accommodating either nicotine salts or freebase eJuice. Operating off a dual firing system, the Uwell Caliburn G can fire using the single intuitive firing button or a useful draw-activated firing system, offering users more flexibility. 此外, the quick charge bottom Type-C USB Port will reduce the time spent charging, for plenty of full bodied vapor and flavor.

Uwell CALIBURN G 18W Pod System Features:

  • Dimensions – 108.3mm by 22.5mm by 12.6mm
  • Integrated 690mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 瓦数输出: 18w ^
  • 2 Different Airflow – MTL & DTL
  • 锌合金底盘结构
  • Intuitive Firing Button – Dual Firing System
  • 抽拉式点火机制
  • 2毫升波德容量
  • Top Fill System – Mouthpiece Fill Cap
  • Uwell Caliburn G Coil Series
  • 8ohm UN2-Meshed-H Coil
  • 压配合线圈安装
  • 磁荚连接
  • C型端口
  • Available in Rosy Brown, 绿色, 灰色, 红色, 黑色, 蓝色

Uwell CALIBURN G Includes:

  • Uwell Caliburn G Kit
  • Caliburn Pod Cartridge
  • 2x – 0.8ohm UN2-Meshed-H Coil
  • USB C型电缆
  • 用户手册

Coil Replacements:
Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Pods
Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Coils

Aesthetics of the Uwell Caliburn G

Aimed squarely at mouth-to-lung vapers the Caliburn G includes a pair of 0.8-ohm UN2-Meshed-H coils and a 690mAh battery that should give steady users a good number of draws per charge.

Underneath this ridiculously slim hood is a proprietary chipset, which is optimized for the Caliburn G’s capabilities, 并在用户绘制时立即触发. 简而言之, 从初次抽吸到最后抽吸的粉扑质量应保持一致. 这就是说, the mod definitely maintained a good level of restricted lung performance during our testing period.

这就是说, despite having both draw- and button activated operation, most users will want to stick with the button option, since the draw activation performance is far slower and less effective. New vapers may struggle a bit, but experienced users will see better ramp-up time.


The durable chassis is built from the same zinc alloy Uwell used on previous editions of the Caliburn, but the more-slender frame size means it’s not quite as rugged as larger devices. While a few dings aren’t going to affect the Caliburn G’s performance, I would be a little extra careful about stepping on it or even sitting on it at the wrong angle.

最后, one of my only complaints about the Caliburn G’s look/feel is a regular complaint — the LED light system to indicate battery level and other notifications. 我从不喜欢这些设置, 但是这个特别弱, 灯光昏暗,读数不清楚.

正如我之前说过无数次, there has to be a better way to convey this information without overdoing the pod mod design. Solitary LED lights aren’t enough.

Vaping the Uwell Caliburn G

I used nic salt liquids exclusively with the Caliburn G and was rewarded with some deep, 强烈的味道和喉咙不适. Even with the sub-ohm coils, the draw is definitely an MTL pull, and trying to direct lung vape this mod will only lead to a very bad experience. 但是当像香烟一样使用时, the Caliburn G provides an authentic sensation, 蒸气质量令人惊讶.

豆荚本身也需要提及. While 2mL capacities don’t really excite many people these days, 您真的不能期望从这种尺寸的Mod获得更多. 所以, 是, 与更合理尺寸的Pod Mod相比,您可能会比用更多的东西来填充, but these cartridges have each lasted me several weeks, 明显比竞争产品更多.


Battery life is just okay, but given the size, I’m not surprised the Caliburn G didn’t last all day. I’m not sure how they crammed a 690mAh battery into this diminutive frame, 但是他们做到了, 而且没有多余的热量, 即使大量使用. 这是我们第一次看到国防部时都担心的, and are thrilled to report that it’s not an issue with the Caliburn G.

所以, 不要指望一次充电就能全天抽烟, 但是芯片组似乎效率很高, and should get you through most of a workday without having to plug in the USB-C charger. 当然, 充电后, it takes less than one hour to go from empty to full.

Pros of the CALIBURN G :

– Strong flavor clarity

– Immediate button-activated draws

– Strong pod durability


– Sub-par draw activation

– 2mL isn’t enough juice capacity

– LED light indicators are done. Let’s move on.


总体, we liked the Uwell Caliburn G pod mod system. While the excessively small frame and limited juice capacity didn’t excite us, we were won over by the strong flavor and vape quality. 如果这个尺寸吸引您, give the Caliburn G a look.

得分了: B +

资源: Spinfuel.com